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Danger, Alarm No Sound When Auto Glass Broken

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Many cases of theft of valuables in the car. The owners do not know what happened because the alarm did not go off. Though the windshield was broken. How can that not turn on when the alarm. Why does this happen? These events are very likely to occur. Maling just needs some basic knowledge of alarm. They make lame alarm. The way to solve the turn signal. That’s the path the alarm, so the broken turn signal could create faulty alarm (shorting). To prevent this, you can use a good and high resistance windshield. You can replace your old windshield with a new one by visiting our website here.

Moreover, basically did not all car alarm will sound when the glass is broken. Alarm innate several car factories will only sound if the door is forced open the car without the remote. Maling knows this weakness. Alarms that will light up when the car door is alarm equipped solved vibration. Generally, these features are available on the alarms that are relatively expensive. In anticipation of this problem, is to replace with a better alarm. Including to prevent the car brought blurred, or use a steering wheel lock is the safest. Of course, the key question is the steering wheel is not cheap. Because the facts are also many cases where the thieves managed to break the steering lock.

It’s important to change your mindset, that storing goods in a car is not safe. In the event of theft breaking the windshield of recorded CCTV, you can see for themselves that the actions took place very quickly, less than 30 seconds. Once the thief smashed windshield easily take the bag from the front passenger seat or the back seat without having to open the car door. Prevent this problem so it does not happen by being more careful in storing goods. You should use a slightly darker window films that people with bad intention can not see into your car when you leave it (parking).