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Overload SEO Blog

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Many people mistakenly characterised by excessive SEO blog that considers all of the words to be crammed into SEO, in fact, it will make SEO over-load and tend to the suspect spam by the google so instead have been spent on the search process. By visiting http://www.bigseomelbourne.com, you will get the right SEO services.

Why should certain things be happening? Are you already understand SEO well, if not refer to the detailed accounts of the SEO first. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a technique used by the makers of content to attract search, can in google or yahoo, to enter the page or the content they create. The goal is of course to increase the PageRank of the pages managed, where the higher the PageRank value will create a website or blog to appear as the first search in a search engine. This technique is proven to increase a brand, this is done by all the brands who wanted his name to be at the peak of popularity, where it could be considered a shortcut to introduce goods or services. However many people wrong and make a distinctive boomerang, then when parties like google search for the suspect even block spam, it is because SEO excessive load or over load.

The following characteristics excessive SEO so that the suspect spam by search engines:

– Not synchronised between title and content, if you create content about plants should use a more scientific title and non-commercial. This will make visitors become lost and not towards your page.

– Over SEO, SEO existing ideally in the content of no more than 3% of the contents of the content. If you want the Keyword popular not too much, it will cause confusion and also articles become weightless.

– Paid links, your intention is good to make the article become more popular by including a link from a paid site, but without permits would make Google the article considers spam.