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The signs of a good website for your B1 English Test

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It’s true that there are many websites that provide the registration service for the B1 English Test. However, you cannot choose a website randomly, especially if you don’t want to be scammed and you may end up with the fake license. You may want to visit the britishlifeskills.com to learn more about this test. It’s very important to you to know the signs of a good website to book the B1 English Test.

Here are the signs of a reliable B1 English Test website:

1. It’s legal and has been approved by the UK government

As along as you’re choosing the legal website which has been approved by the UK government, you’ve chosen the right one and you’ll get the real certificate after you’ve passed it.

2. Quick certificating process

A good website of B1 English certification won’t take longer than 7 days. The faster, the better.

3. It has a lot of test centres

If a website of B1 English Test has so many test centres across the UK, then it will be easier for its applicants to reach the place of the exam.