How to Make an Accurate Estimation for the Number of Catering

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When holding an event, we have to be able to set the right number of the food that we are going to order to the caterer like Qdoba catering that we use for the event. Here is one of the ways to make a good estimation of the number of the catering.

Total Invite x 2

When you invite many guests, you have to make sure that you also order enough food to entertain all the guests present. There is a system called as the RSVP system that is helpful to determine the amount and type of food you order. You can simply use the system to make an accurate estimation of the number of the catering. Other than that, you can simply multiply the numbers of the guests. The first step you need to do is multiply the number of invitations to a factor of 2. It is based on the assumption that the invited guests will take along his partner. Although some bring their families to attend, or come alone, multiplying by a factor of 2 is still considered an ideal today.