How to Backup Data on a Windows Computer

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You might have realised that to backup the data of your computer is necessary. However, there are probably some of you who are still confused how to do so. Moreover, you may find more than one way to do the backup on the internet that you find it more confusing. So, for a little Data Backup in Philadelphia advice, here is one of the easiest ways to backup data on your Windows computer.

– Look for the right storage tools

You will need a device capable of storing all the data you need to be made to backup. The device should be at least twice the size of the hard drive that you will create its backup. An external hard drive is the best option, and easily searchable.

You can also create a partition (for storing data) if you want to wear today’s computer as a backup. But you should be aware that this option is less secure because the system remains vulnerable to computer virus attacks and damage to the hard drive.

– Connect the tool to your computer

By using a USB cable connection or other means, connect a storage device to the computer you want to backup. Entering tool should automatically bring up a dialogue box that asks what you want to do with that tool. Supposedly there is an option to use it as a data backup tool and open the File History. Choose this option. In a state in which this dialogue does not open automatically, you can create a backup manually by searching Search and look for the File History. This section can also be found through the Control Panel.

– Set Advanced Settings

Once the program is open, you may want to change some settings in the Advanced Settings, which is accessible from the left. Here you will be able to change how often the computer to back up, how long files are stored, and how much space can be used.

– Select a drive backup

After the setup is completely set, make sure that the right drive backup has been selected as the external drive should have been selected by default.

– Click “Turn on”

After all of the settings are correct, you can click “Turn on”. This will start the process of backing up. Know that the first backup can take a long time and you may want to start the process of backing up at night or before you go to work, so you do not need to use the computer during that time. And then you have done with the backup process of your data.